Friday, October 19, 2012

New PB. New Thought. New Size!

So yesterday was my Weight Watchers meeting.

I was feeling pretty good about the week and was looking forward to my feedback. "Feedback" is my word for when I weigh in.

My pants are really falling under the "clown pants" category now. Sagging everywhere. And a little long in the leg. (nice problem!)

So, earlier this week I had a little spare time and went to my favorite store and purchased two new pairs of slacks. I have to hem them but here's the best part: I bought one size smaller!!!!

Of course, it would be even better if we weren't victims of "vanity" sizing now but the pants felt great. Looked nice. It was a sweet reward.

But, before that, I had an even better moment.

Renewed Thinking

Now, the best way to change one's habits and attitudes is to start with your thoughts. But to change thoughts with lousy outcomes you can't simply stop thinking in bad ways. There's a second step and that's to START thinking in better ways.

Well, food is one of my greatest weaknesses and if that food is sweet, I have an even greater struggle.

This is Halloween time and out comes the candy corn which when mixed with dry salted peanuts is very tasty. In fact, they are very hard to resist.

Well, Monday, I'm walking past this delectable treat and I think "I'd much rather lose that next 5 pounds than eat that peanut/candy corn treat." so I just kept walking.

I was so surprised! That thought has never popped into my head before and it was a wonderful thought. I think God gave it to me and I thank Him for it.

It was good and empowering. He gives all good things.

The Results

So, by now I'm at the "New PB" part of this post. (drum roll, please)

I have reached a new "personal best" in my weight loss journey. The feedback yesterday was down another 2 pounds. This puts me .8 away from another 5 pound marker.

It feels good.

Real good.

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