Friday, October 19, 2012

MY Peace I Give To You

Isn't this a peaceful setting
where I can read, reflect, and restore?
Yep. That's what Jesus said.

He first said, "Peace I give to you." and then he stated it again but added the "My".

This morning I was reading the book teaching on the 23rd Psalm. It is written by a man who used to be a shepherd.

We were looking at the phrase "you annoint my head with oil."

Now, it is allergy season here and my eyes are itchy, my nose is twitchy and sometimes I want to scratch my skin off.

So, as the writer began to tell about fly season for the sheep I completely understood the torment of flies and parasites.

Apparently sheep can get these nasty little critters so bad they even get in through their noses into their brains and drives them absolutely crazy.

They'll run and rub and itch to the point where they'll bash into anything they think will remove the irritation. Sometimes this will result in even killing themselves.

It must be awful.

But a good shepherd watching carefully over his sheep will know when they are starting to be pestered by these insects. The shepherd will then pull out his special oil and rub all over their face and ears and nostrils. The sheep will calm down and peacefully return to grazing and resting.
Isn't that a great imagery?!

Ah - peace ... that's one of my favorites.

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