Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Endearment vs. Embarrassment

So, over the Labor Day weekend we had some great times with my mother-in-law (Pat) and my eldest son (AB).

We invited Pat over for a sleep-over on Sunday so we could enjoy a full day with her. (Even though we only live 30 minutes apart we don't get together much.)

AB hooked up with a buddy for frisbee golf that morning so Scott and I felt industrious and made breakfast for his mom. The menu consisted of biscuits and gravy, bacon, and scrambled eggs (light) with bell peppers and onions.

We told AB to invite Eddie (his frisbee golf mate) since we knew they would be a bit hungry.

I had ulterior motives, too, because I wanted to play frisbee golf, too ... on the Wii.

It worked. Eddie joined us and after breakfast we played frisbee golf. It was a blast.

But, that's just to set the context of this post.

During breakfast we were visiting and for some reason I started reminiscing about AB while he was growing up. Funny - I can't even recall right now what it was I said. But I remember the result. I embarrassed AB.

Why do we mothers do this sort of thing?

It is a point of endearment to us. Recalling funny sayings, phrases, moments or other tidbits of our children's formative years in front of their friends. They are fond memories to us but embarrassing moments to our kids.

They can share the same story but it isn't so bad because they are telling on themselves. But when Mom says it ... groan!

Well, I'm about to embarrass SB (my second son) because one of the most fun embarrassing moment is going public.

I love this story.

It is the end of SB's senior year and we're having a party with his friends. About five or six of his friends are sitting around the table next to which are some clay pieces from SB's and AB's elementary school years.

SB is defending his artwork (right) explaining to them about "ET" and they are admiring it as I walk by.

I say, "That's not ET. That's a T-Rex." You can see it is roaring and it has itty-bitty arms.

Well, they laughed so hard I do believe I saw some tears. It was a hilarious moment and since then - that was about 10 years ago - we've had more fun with ET-Rex.

BTW - happy birthday to SB. Today he is 29. I love this photo and I love my son. Great guy.

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