Friday, November 2, 2018

Watch out, World

Since my last post over a year ago, I've accomplished some crazy things. At least, crazy for me.

I have completed two classes through two different organizations that empower me to help answer investment questions during formal training at Transformational Investing Workshops by Phil Town and I have completed my Financial Master Coach certification through Ramsey Solutions.

If you had told past me as a young mother 30 or so years ago that I would be helping people with their financial goals, I probably would have laughed (possibly hysterically).

The next several blogs will review this little journey. Hopefully, it will add to your life.

Looking Back

Our financial picture wasn't very good. We didn't have $1,000 saved in anything. No IRA. But we had credit cards. A lovely assortment of colorful plastic that were well used and "helped" us get from one paycheck to the next.

This is the cover of the book I read.
However, Crown Ministries still has
copies for sale. 
Then, in my church library I stumbled across a book: Debt-Free Living by Larry Burkett.

As best as I can recall it was a bit of a depressing read at first. Larry (no, I don't know Mr. Burkett, but that's how I refer to most people who have mentored me indirectly or personally) shared three case studies:
  1. A young couple with minimal income (no kids), 
  2. A seasoned couple with huge income and out-of-control spending, 
  3. A businessman facing bankruptcy.
All their situations were different forms of bondage to the debt they'd amassed. But each decided to face their debt.

I stuck with the book and each had a happy ending either due to their diligent efforts, faithful discipline and, in one case, grace and mercy from a bank who saw the commitment to pay it all back.

It was inspiring and convicting. My husband and I knew we had to do something and I began to read.

And read.

And read some more.

Next step? Reality Bites

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