Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's all a matter of focus

Conductor in an orchestra rehearsal.
Found this photo on Flickr by 
Jorge Franganillo
We just had a retreat this weekend where we worked on music for our Christmas presentation.

It may be corny but I always seem to notice the parallels in my life experience to what God's word teaches.

As we worked together to learn the music we were nearing the close of our efforts Saturday afternoon.

We were completely running through all the music that we had worked on. And, of course, watching the director brought us to the end together.

But there was one piece in particular where our horns were lagging, the choir was churning out the notes, and I bet we had about four different tempos going on. As I watched our director increase the size of his pattern, move to get our attention and energize his efforts to make us all realize ... we are out of synch! We were not together! WATCH ME!

He didn't say a word but I thought what a fantastic picture of the body of Christ. Without a word, God is working to keep us together to complete the task at hand. And, if we watch Him we will come to the end together - unified.

It's pretty cool to think about how different our life's perspective is when we look to ourselves. We quickly get out of synch with others. Our efforts become more and more futile because we are relying on ourselves.

But I know when I keep my eyes on God, follow His direction, peace and balance is restored. Difficulties are overcome. Others play along beside me restoring unity and harmony.

It's a beautiful thing ... perspective.

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