Saturday, August 18, 2012

Taking the plunge

So I'm taking the plunge into the social world of bloggers.

Why? Because I’m a chatty, social person who would like to say something.

First, all the opinions and comments in this blog are completely mine. They come from my own thoughts and I want to make it perfectly clear that they are my opinions and should not reflect upon my employer, my family or any of my affiliates. I know these people cannot dissociate from me. I hope my posts will prove to be a source of good feelings about their association with me. If not, please see the intent is to be kind, gracious, honest and well-mannered.

That said - who am I anyway? and what do I plan to say here?

Second question first: I have no idea what I will end up saying on this blog. I hope it will be worth reading, sometimes funny, sometimes sad and offer a little wisdom. Mostly I plan to share experiences, recipes, opinions, and, with a little luck, they will add to the life of anyone who reads this.

Who am I?
Janet Sue as a toddler.

An “Accident”

I am the number 5 child of a family with six children. According to my mother, I was the accident.

She and Daddy had planned on having four children: two girls, two boys. Success!

Then one day Mom was pregnant again. She said she cried for two weeks but, then she accepted the news. She said, “When you got here you were so sweet!” Good save, Mom!

BTW - My little brother was born four years later and we've managed to keep the gender division very even in the Kelley family. Right now we are at 3 boys, 3 girls (my generation); 6 boys, 6 girls (my kids’ generation); and 2 boys, 2 girls (my kids' children's generation).

We are a very balanced brood.
At the piano with my big
big sister, June. She still plays, too!

A Musician - accompanist, arranger and artist

When I was six years old my mother decided I was ready for piano lessons. Apparently I was playing the music of my brothers and sisters. All of us took piano lessons for at least a year. And each of us children played some instrument while growing up.

I took to the piano so well that I chose to study it in college. I play keyboards of all kinds: organ, piano, electronic. I arrange it. I accompany and I perform it.


Also by the time I was six I became a Christian. A Christian is someone who has accepted from Jesus Christ the gift He gave us. You see, Jesus gave up His perfectly lived life as a sacrifice once and for all for all humanity’s sins.

I'm in the pink. Judy, Joe & I
are dressed up to go to church
for a special coronation.
But that's only part of Jesus' story. He didn’t stay dead. He went to the place where sinners go. Stayed there for three days and then returned - alive! Hundreds of people saw Him. And hundreds also saw Him leave earth with the promise that he will come again to collect all who have accepted His gift.

His gift? A life free of sin. A life full of Truth. A life with purpose. Forever.

Those of us who believe this are charged with offering His gift to the rest of the world. One day, Jesus will come back and collect those who have said “I’ll take it!’ But when He comes back, the offer will be off the table. Pretty cool, I think.

Princess Talk-A-Lot

My dad named me “Princess Talk-A-Lot” when I was about nine. You see, my oldest sister was graduating from high school. Daddy showed me her graduation gift. It was a beautiful wristwatch. Very impressive to me.

I couldn’t contain my excitement and blabbed to my sister about her gift. This really disappointed my dad but, once he got over it, he dubbed me “Princess Talk-A-Lot”.

I think I’ve learned to listen more than I talk but keeping my “motor mouth” under control is a challenge and probably always will be. I wonder if this blog will help that.
Yes, we were married in the ’70s.


I met my husband at college. He, too, is a musician, super smart, kind, gracious. He is quiet because unlike me, he doesn't feel the compulsion to share all of his thoughts. He balances me and has helped me to become a more rounded person.

He's challenged me and blessed me. He's loved me passionately and with tremendous devotion for over 35 years. I’m sure you will get to know him throughout this blog but he is also very private and I pledge to respect that privacy.

Apple Fan

My husband discovered the Macintosh in 1984 when we bought our first IIc. We work on Macs. We create our music with Macs. We both have iPads and iPhones. We love Apple products and even own some stock in the company.

We respect that not all others are Apple fans like us so we keep it pretty low on our radar. But, it gets pretty obvious when people see our Apple products that we are fans. Most just shake their heads and smile. And we grin and nod and say “that’s right!” [Not really, but almost!]


My family today: Stephen & Megan (left); Andrew & Ana (right).
I have two sons. They have been a source of tremendous joy. They are both married. They are very smart and their talents include music, writing, art, technology (yes, they are Apple fans, too), and athletes. Through them we have learned to love soccer, new authors, and even some new television shows. They and their wives challenge me everyday to be more firm with my budget and diet, quicker to turn off the television and read a book or play a game, or to simply get out and do SOMEthing.

Yes, I work for a living. Currently I have two jobs - accompanist and instrumental lead at my church and website editor for a professional science organization.

Now, if you’ve made it to the end of this overly long introduction I congratulate you. If you read the whole thing, I’m impressed.

I invite you to come back, to comment, and hope you’ll even ask some questions so we can engage.


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